Original, hand printed etchings

Most of my work is done on Copper plate in the old way which involves an acid resistant wax, blackened with soot from a taper and then the image, I draw with a fine needle point and a magnifying glass.

Each image is part of an edition no larger than 100. Each print that I ink up and pull will be different in colour, depth or tone. Therefore the images on this page are individual, numbered prints and once sold I will put up a different numbered print from the same edition...make sense? If not, please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Each print is presented in a double mount of textured Ivory museum quality mountboard. There is a back board and a small label with a little about myself. The whole is in a clear cellophane bag.  

New etchings and images will be put up on this page, if not weekly, monthly.   

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